We embody truly customized cosmetics
by optimized customizing for each individual

The research institute obsessed with skin data

ENIMA™ is a smart factory system that enables error-free mixing based on scientific analysis
using big data and algorithms and fresh manufacturing principles

From diagnosis to providing solutions, BALANX offers one-stop services.

A new way to treat cosmetics
Custom cosmetics, BALANX

Skin condition changes every day, but the way the skin expresses its condition to us is limited
Therefore, we study your skin so that you can understand your skin

LILLYCOVER will make greater efforts to be the great addition to skin care as your partner.
Experience more of better skin changes with LILLYCOVER


Global networks

Johnson&Johnson, Nivea, Hankook Kolmar, etc.
Providing data-based innovative services through global collaboration


15,000 sets

Manufactured and sold 15,000 bottles of customized lotion/essence
with an average repurchase rate of 48%


Satisfaction rate greater than 97%

Positive feedback and average satisfaction rate of 97%
with personalized recipe matching and daily skin tracking


Domestic and Overseas Expansion Plans

5 overseas stores in Hong Kong, Japan, Dubai, etc.,
3 domestic department stores, 10 hospitals and clinics by the second half of 2023

Customized cosmetics manufacturing system, ENIMA™

The manufacturing system in which the robot can dispense the super-personalized custom cosmetics within 3 minutes and 50 seconds
with their amounts accurately controlled in the sterilized environment of constant temperature and humidity.

Skin expert in your hands, Muilli2

From diagnosis to customized solutions,

Skin/scalp diagnostic device for self care routine with 98.3% of accuracy
Smart diagnostic method algorithmized skin big data collected
from diverse races regardless of gender or age


Rate of Diagnosis Recognition by Muilli

Rate of Wrinkles Recognition 96.3%


Rate of Pore Recognition 98.3%


Take care of your skin at home easily
Your skin, DANGBU

Are you worried about finding a skin care routine that is suitable for your skin?

Skin diagnosis, 1:1 dedicated coach, product curation, prescription for skin care routine and so on
You can understand your skin and practice the right way of skin care routine at home with your coach


The service is being prepared

We are preparing for better service.
The service will be available shortly.