We find the correct solution for customized
cosmetics through precise diagnosis using big data algorithm



Your skin condition is
our 1st ingredient.

Skin type is different for each individual.
How well can mass produced cosmetics understand skin type?

The constant quest for the answer to that was the beginning of a journey that led to thinking, achieving, and creating beyond what was previously imagined.
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Beauty = "being myself"
A beauty partner
who helps me feel most like myself

A partner for beautifying me to 'the most me' myself

And the word 'beauty' means 'me'

That is why the word 'beauty' is 'being myself'.
We, LILLYCOVER are your beauty partner,

helping you make your true self like your real skin, hair and scent

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Our Story

I would like to give people a solution to their skin problems.

Sunhee An, LILLYCOVER Co., Ltd's CEO & Founder 안선희 대표
Sunhee An wanted to become a reporter as she was attracted by media where she could meet people, find problems and even give a solution to people. However, her dream to present a solution to the public was carried out in a slightly different direction. Personalized skin care solution offers skin diagnosis to customers who are used to ready-made cosmetics. It was a new road chosen by her

Her new dream was because of the burns patients she has met from 2006 to 2016. These were the patients I met while researching and developing medical devices at a local university hospital. She said, "Patients were losing confidence because of the scars and skin burns." and "Internal problems such as lack of confidence caused by unhealthy skin eventually worsened the patient's condition." She had to find the cause to solve the problem.

For the last 10 years, she had confirmed that the accurate system of skin diagnosis is lacking in the industry ecosystem.'

She also said, "The cause of the problem was the industry's practice of seeing individuals as groups rather than individuals."and "As a result, customers were using mass-produced cosmetics by cosmetic companies without an accurate understanding of their skin." The super-personalized skin care solution offering the analysis of an individual skin is needed, thus LILLYCOVER was born.

Her possiblity was proven in Seoul first. Investors have proposed relocating headquater to Seoul where we can meet more people and find them easily, but she wanted to grow a business in Daegu This is because she wanted to repay the help she received from the Daegu City, Daegu TP, and the Digital Industry Promotion Agency, which gave LILLYCOVER strength to survive.

Her efforts to repay the local community made LILLYCOVER eligible for receiving investment from Samsung and Silicon Valley in the United States. Recently, its potential and possibility have been recognized in the international market, and LILLYCOVER is rapidly emerging as a start-up company representing Daegu.
She said, "Even starting from Daegu, we are confident that we can become a global company." We will grow as a world-leading company beyond the region through steady R&D.
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Mar. Participated in the Kansai Collection in Japan
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Our People


A company with good products and people, LILLYCOVER

We believe that skin is not only a pathway to reveal beauty, but also the foundation of self-confidence.

LILLYCOVER don't just make mass-produced items that pile up in a warehouse and deliver to customer,
we do everything together to understand your unique skin types in the 'difference' of each individual
and share the process of taking care healthy skin by yourself

Every member takes pride in providing reliable products through a custom cosmetic manufacturing process.
We carefully select the finest ingredients and constantly innovate to offer the most innovative and customized products.

The challenge never stops to be the first and the best for customers.

We will accumulate analysis data with the participation of each customer and use this information to analyze changes
in their skin condition. This will allow us to provide highly satisfactory services

All our customers have the right to protect their inner and skin beauty,
and we strive to create innovative solutions that have not yet been seen in the industry to help them achieve this.



Head office

12F, Dongdaegu-ro 475, Dong-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea



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